Maximise Holiday Campaign with Your Virtual Assistant Help

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and the perfect time for business to capitalise on a well executed holiday campaign. Historically speaking, the highest sales spikes occur around the Christmas season. In this pandemic era however, a shift in consumer behaviour is evident. A lot of people are turning to online purchases with customers being more comfortable shopping online than at brick n’ mortar stores. This bodes well for small businesses who are working on their digital holiday campaign. 

With Christmas just around the corner, every entrepreneur is designing their Christmas campaign to take advantage of the busiest season of the year. It is the perfect chance for businesses to reach out to an audience who are sure to be in a giving mood for the holidays. Exciting times indeed for the small business owner.

However, the task of designing seasonal marketing campaigns can take a toll on entrepreneurs as they juggle work and personal responsibilities compounded by the Christmas rush. How does a small business owner avoid holiday stress in a mad scramble to get everything done in time for holiday festivities? Just like Santa, they get little helpers!

You Can Maximise Holiday Marketing with Help From Your Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant is your most essential asset as you get your business ready for the holidays. The value of a Virtual Assistant during these busy times is unparalleled.

Here are a few examples of Virtual Assistance services to help you manage through your holiday campaign.

Your Virtual Assistant can help you design a festive marketing campaign – Holiday branding is important. It shows your customers that your brand is timeless and relevant no matter what season. Christmas campaigns also help with your online presence and keeps you ‘top of mind’ for your customers. Here are some of the tasks where a Virtual Assistant’s help is valuable: 

  1. Creating holiday deals, gift bundles, and service bundles.
  2. Creating a catchy holiday newsletter along with a holiday email campaign.
  3. Creating a landing page or mini-site for your holiday deals.
  4. Optimising your website for holiday related content.
  5. Sending out holiday related emails, postcards, and other correspondence.
  6. Following up on holiday reservations and orders.
  7. Creating and posting social media updates about your holiday deals.
  8. Managing customer relations including sales, support, and after care.

Not only can Virtual Assistants help you with seasonal campaigns, they can also go above and beyond with admin support. There are recurring tasks that need to be addressed beyond the holiday season or beyond the requirements of the business. Virtual Assistant can help you with tasks such as:

  1. Helping you with bookings and reservations for your travel plans.
  2. Taking care of outstanding payments.
  3. Organising your schedule through the holidays and beyond.
  4. Managing your email.
  5. Purchasing and arranging delivery of holiday gifts.
  6. Coordinating logistics and other arrangements for holiday events.
  7. Sending out holiday cards.
  8. Managing charitable donations.

All of these tasks can be done remotely. Delegate them and you can save precious time and resources. With the help of a superstar Virtual Assistant, you can offload some tasks and enjoy the rest of the holidays in style. Yes, small business owners can hustle and win. Talk to us about how Virtual Assistants can make the holidays easier for you. 

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