How Marketers Can Take Advantage of Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox

gmail photoAs you may know, email marketing is one of the most popular ways businesses reach out to their customers. Efficient and cost-effective, it is also a great method to obtain leads to potential customers. But with Google’s new tabbed inbox and prominent unsubscribe option, experts believe that they have the potential to affect email marketing strategies.

In an article on, Scott Gerber asked a group of innovators from the Young Entrepreneur Council and obtained their opinions regarding this recent change. The innovators offered some tips on how marketers can make the most of Gmail’s tabbed inbox and use it to their own advantage. Below are some of them.

No 1: Segment your emails carefully. According to Brett Farmiloe of Digital Marketing Company, marketers should segment their emails to ensure that they will be received continuously. He added that it is very important for you to provide recipients with an unsubscribe option. It is because if your recipients cannot find the unsubscribe button, they might mark your messages as spam.

No 2: Offer better content. Joe Apfelbaum of Ajax Union, on the other hand, stressed out the importance of providing your email recipients with better content. He pointed out that although not many people use Gmail, the update provided marketers with the opportunity to improve their content and optimise their respective email marketing campaign so Google won’t tagged their emails as spam.

No 3: Personalise your messages. You certainly don’t want your emails to go the “Promotions” folder as there is a bigger chance that they will go unnoticed by your recipients. As such, Janis Krums of OPPORTUNITY suggested personalising your emails and giving them a more informal tone. Also, it will certainly help to reduce the number of images and URLs on your emails so you can continue to “promote without getting buried in Gmail folders.”

No 4: Ask your clients to include you in their “Primary” list. Evrim Oralkan of Travertine Mart, on the other hand, has urged marketers to take a more direct approach by asking recipients, especially their clients, to add their email address to the latter’s “Primary” list. According to him, the goal is to get in the primary tab before Gmail puts your email in the “Promotions” tab. By taking the bull by the horns, you can prevent Google from taking an action that will diminish your email’s chances of being read by its intended audience.

No 5: Relevant content is a must. But regardless of whether Google has a tabbed inbox or not, it is very important to make your emails useful, interesting, and relevant. Danny Boice of Speek pointed out that no changes to Gmail’s user interface will matter if you will consistently provide your recipients with something that is of great value to them.

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