Lessons from a World Champion

I had the pleasure of listening to Layne Beachley AO at a wonderful event run by The Mother’s Den in Cammeray this week and there was so much gold in the messages Layne shared that I wanted to share them with you as well!

Where to start!!!

I am just going to add them here as I wrote them and scrambled to capture everything she was saying!!

[words below all spoken by Layne]


Live a life by design not by default

By the time you are 14 years old you will have heard 40,000 “NO’s” and 5,000 “YES’s” (this fact is just astounding to me!)

Action is the antidote to fear

Women are the queens of self-sabotage

You can’t change what you can’t see

Find something in your life that empowers people then you can inspire and empower others

What are your personal values? Live by them. Those values usually stem from voids in your life.

It takes 10 seconds to create an impact and lasting impression on someone’s life, don’t walk away from that opportunity

Make your skin your comfort zone

What you focus on expands

Wake up with gratitude

You have to get utterly dis-satisfied with being in the state you are in to make a change. But what do you do then? You pick up the phone and “phone a friend” – someone who is in the state and place where you want to be

Be relevant and impactful

What are your words, your mottos that you live to?

Visualising the end result down to every detail stops the self-sabotage

Ask yourself: What is my authentic truth and am I living to it?

The art to sustained success: Pen it – Post it – Proclaim it

Thank you to Layne for sharing such great inspirational, emotional and motivational insights!!

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