Know how Google enhances your internet marketing

Business today requires entrepreneurs to use social media tools in the promotion of their products and services globally. Gone are the days of waiting for clients to come to a physical store to make a purchase. Today, the majority of business owners have social sites to promote and sell their wares. Virtual stores have become an essential part of business today.

So how exactly does Google enhance your internet marketing?

Let me walk you through it.

Google Search Console

Google is the most popular search engine on the World Wide Web and they recently re-launched Google Webmaster Tools and named it Google Search Console. It is a free platform that greatly helps small businesses optimize their websites and improve search engine ranking.

Google Search Console serves as gateway for business owners to monitor, maintain and improve their sites ranking and visibility in search results. What is interesting in this search console is the simple interface that provides raw data rather than colorful graphics or charts. These tools help website owners review, control and improve their sites to compete with similar businesses.

Functional features include: Structured Data, Search Analytics, HTML Improvements, Index Status, Content Keywords, Crawl Errors, Fetch as Google, robots, txt tester and sitemaps.

Choose which among these can help you gain better ranking in search engines and then put them to work.

Google Hummingbird

Since its launch in 2013, Hummingbird remains the most powerful ranking tool in the Google search engine. It focuses on the websites which offer unique, high-quality and original content. Gone are the days when search engines use keyword-focused content to rank sites.

Google Hummingbird goes beyond semantic search and uses an algorithm that understands human language. This is why it is dubbed as a “human friendly” search engine tool that changes the history of the internet. Quality and high value content has become a priority for websites owners’ especially small business entrepreneurs.

Google Panda

Google Panda is another tool that changed the rules of internet marketing. Like Hummingbird, it searches for websites but it targets those sites with “thin” or not enough value, “spun” and duplicate content. Its ranking algorithm serves to lower rank sites with “low or poor quality content” and pulls out high-quality websites to upper rankings.

Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Fast and modern technology makes it possible for businesses and customers to search, transact and even pay via their mobile phone. In April 2015, Google released this mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that provides easy access to mobile optimised website pages. This brought a sudden turn of events to digital marketing which was beneficial to small businesses all over the world, making business easier and more accessible – whenever and wherever.

Is your website mobile friendly? How are you ranking with Google’s search engines algorithm’s? If you answers are “No” and/or “I’ve got no idea”, then it’s time to speak to us and we will show you how you can make small changes to optimise your internet marketing!

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