Hello everyone, I’m Jenny Rose from the Philippines! I’ve been working as a Tech VA for almost five years. I started as a General VA, and now I’m working in different niches with different clients, but what I love the most is working on the technical side of the business. I always love technology!

My love for technology started in 2012 when I began working in I.T.  Learning new tools and implementing those tools in every department was one of my tasks. I would study the software, reprogram some of its parts and implement it for the user. The success of implementation and how the software helps the company and its employees make me really happy and proud.  

When I started my freelancing journey, my experience in I.T has helped me a lot to become a Tech VA. I can continually adapt to new technologies and implement them for my clients, whatever their business is. Now, I work as a web designer for CMS platforms like Kajabi, WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. I also do automation for email, pipelines and lead magnets.

In addition, I offer different services, from social media – to system automation. I’m proud to say that my skills have become valuable and profitable with those experiences and learnings.

My freelancing career was not really a plan. It’s just that I resigned from being a corporate employee to take care of my son, who was back then having a speech behavioural and speech delay. The doctor advised us to send our son to a therapy centre, and from that time, I decided to give up my job to be with my son throughout his journey. At first, everything was fine. It was all good for me because I knew what I did was for my son, but I always knew that I could still do something even when I was at home and thats when I learned about freelancing. It’s true that when something’s gone, a better one will come up your way and help you create a new version of yourself, and freelancing has made me a supermom, and I love it!

I love being with my kids while working at home and, most of all, being able to provide for their needs.

I believe that every new day brings us new room for improvement, and that’s what I always want for myself, a new space to grow, explore and become a better version of yesterday.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Website Design Up to 6 Pages (Home, About, Services, Contact, +2) Up to 8 pages Up to 10 pages
Email Setup (Email Sequence, Broadcast) (Email Sequence, Broadcast) (Email Sequence, Broadcast)
Pipelines/Sales Funnel Automation 1 sales / 1 pipeline for lead magnet 2 sales / 2 pipeline for lead magnet 3 sales / 3 pipeline for lead magnet
Product Setup 1 3 5
Offer Setup 1 3 5
Email Banner 2 3 5
SEO Setup Each Page Each Page Each Page
PRICE $679 + GST $815 + GST $910 + GST
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