It’s Never Too Early to Engage a Virtual Assistant

When I was first starting out building my own business I had this idea in my head that in order to operate on a shoestring budget I needed to do everything myself. Building a support team took time and money, and was really only something you could do once you’d hit the big time and had the resources and income to warrant it. It always seemed like the something you did once you had ‘made it.’ I was afraid that by taking on help I would put stress on my finances and be locked into a commitment that I wouldn’t be able to maintain or afford!

When I took the plunge and began using Virtual Assistants for my own business I began to understand exactly how the system worked and how brilliantly it was suited to start-ups and fledgling businesses. Having support on hand in the early stages of your business allows you to focus and strategise on the tasks that are important to the growth of your enterprise, without getting bogged down in the time consuming, day to day operations. When things are lean you need a resource that meets your needs, without putting undue stress on your finances, which is why VA’s are the perfect fit when you’re starting out.

As I really started to ramp up my operations and expand into running my own outsourcing agency I took the lessons that I learnt in the early days of my own business and used them to conceive and create services that would be flexible, affordable and scalable. Because I understood that it is never too early in your business to engage the help of a Virtual Assistant. The sooner you seek assistance the faster your business will grow.

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This is why we don’t lock our clients into scary contracts. You don’t have to commit to 20 hours a week. [find out more here] We can design an arrangement between you and your Virtual Assistant that you’re comfortable with, so you can begin your business journey confident that you’ll have the support you need without the stress of an intimidating contract. Because that’s the beauty of a Virtual Assistant – they’re not only affordable, they are flexible. You can expand your resources when you need to and downsize when you don’t. What’s important to me is building a relationship between you and your VA that meets the needs of your enterprise.

Strong relationships are the glue that holds together any successful professional project. Communication, process, feedback – these are the things that matter to us. Not just locking you into a minimum monthly spend. If you surround yourself with the right team from the beginning you’ll have access to the tools to make your business flourish.

Virtual Elves is an outsourcing agency dedicated to matching business owners with the support they need to lift the burden of overwhelm and help their business grow.

The core essence we live by: AUTHENTICITY – INSPIRATION – FREEDOM

“Prior to engaging Virtual Elves I was feeling overwhelmed with keeping on top of the day to day repetitive tasks involved in the running of my business. I found myself spending the best part of my day dealing with tasks that I now know can be easily delegated so that my time can be better spent. Having a VA through Virtual Elves has meant I have doubled my turnover in the last year.”  

  Sarah Hardie – Fabrik

If you’re a start-up, entrepreneur or business professional looking for scalable, affordable and flexible support, book a discovery call with us today so we can discuss your specific needs and create a unique support package that suits you.



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