Is Overwhelm crippling your business?

Are you a solo entrepreneur trying to grow and scale your business but finding yourself trapped and wearing all the hats with no growth in sight? I’m going to share with you why overwhelm is crippling you and how you can do a few small things to get yourself into a better place to start working ON your business growth!

The last few Tuesday’s, I have brought you my Two Minute Tuesdays. So it’s just some tips and things that are going to help you as business owners lighten the load a little bit.

The idea of Virtual Elves and what we’ve created is really around giving you that freedom and releasing you from overwhelm, and having to feel like you’re in control of everything. And being able to give you some space to then create those delegation patterns, those wonderful systems and processes that are going to allow you to let go a bit.

So today, our very first Two Minute Tuesday is around overwhelm. And there’s a couple of things around overwhelm that I really wanted to cover. I think one of the first things for me with overwhelm is that, you’re a busy business person. You’re usually wearing all the hats in the business, you don’t usually have a lot of support. Maybe you do have a virtual assistant. Maybe you’ve got a bookkeeper that comes in to help you once a month. But realistically, you’re isolated, you’re working on your own.

You’re also probably managing other things, you know. It’s not just your own little business. As women, I know that we’re managing multiple things. And for those dads that are out there managing their businesses as well. You’ve got taking kids to sport, and we’re trying to do everything, and trying to do everything well. The reality of that is that we usually don’t do everything that well.

So here’s a couple of things to start thinking about. The first thing is to stop. I want you just to stop. Give yourself some space. Give yourself 30 minutes just once a week to actually stop and think about your situation, and where you’re at, okay? So just pull yourself away from the business.

The second thing is, I want you to assess. I want you to assess where you’re at. What’s going on for you at the moment? Are you stressed because you’ve over-delivering? Are you stressed because you’ve got so much on that you can’t even cope? You can’t even deliver what you say you’re going to deliver? What is it? What are you doing that perhaps somebody else could be doing for you? To allow you that space to do the other things that are more important.

The third thing is to act. I want you to pick one thing today, okay? Just pick one thing that is going to make an impact on your time, make you not feel so overwhelmed, and make you feel like that you’re moving forward. A lot of overwhelm comes when you don’t feel like you’re moving forward, right?

You feel like you’re stuck, that you’re just on this little mouse wheel, right? You’re constantly going round and round, and not really getting anywhere. So, a lot of the lack of business growth or feeling like you’re growing a business is because you’re just constantly churning, churning and churning, and you’re not stopping to allow yourself to remove some of that stuff.

So pick one thing, just the one thing, and do something with it. Give it to somebody else to do. Give it to a virtual assistant. It doesn’t need to be something huge, just get rid of that so it gets you into that mindset of giving something away.

The fourth thing is, repeat. Once you’ve done the first thing, do the second thing.

And so on, and that will make a huge difference on the way that you feel about giving away control and starting to release some of that overwhelm and that anxiety around not moving forward.

If you want to find out more, post it in the comments, or please feel free to message me any time. And I’m more than happy to walk through with you the ways that I think are going to support you growing your business further and releasing some of that overwhelm.

Have a great day, and we’ll catch you later.


Here is the FREE tool I was talking about to help you start identifying the things you might be able to offload:

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