How to Improve Your Google AdWords Ad Copies to Get More Conversions

It is no secret that Google has made several tweaks to its Google AdWords platform. In 2013 alone, the tech giant released several updates, like the RLSAs or remarketing list for search ads, in-market targeting, and enhanced site links, to help businesses and advertisers improve their PPC strategies. However, these updates won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to master one of the most important ingredients of a successful AdWords campaign: a good AdWords ad copy.

Even if a product is good, nobody’s going to buy it if you don’t know how to sell it. Therefore, if sales are still lagging and your click through rates are showing dismal numbers, there’s one thing you need to do: improve your ad copies. According to experts, applying certain tweaks to your Google AdWords ad copies can go a long way towards getting more conversions. But where should you start?

Your ads’ headline is a good place to start. If a reader sees a boring headline, it is very likely that he won’t care whether the rest of the ad is good or not. Therefore, you should pay attention to the way you write your ads’ headlines and make sure they can grab readers’ attention. To improve the headlines of your ads, you should study popular headline formulas. Try to understand what make each of them powerful and effective. Then, use the knowledge you have gained to create headlines that will resonate with your target audience.

Another way to make your ad copies more effective is to find a way to make it difficult for your target customers to say no. While this can be quite difficult because you’re working with a limited number of words and characters (unlike when writing a longer ad copy), it is still doable. Something as simple as including “Free Delivery” or “Money-Back Guarantee” in your ad text can help address readers’ objections and convince them to click the ad and buy the product/service you’re offering.

Focusing on the benefits of buying your product can also help improve the performance of your AdWords ads. While it is a great idea to list the features of your products or services, many PPC experts believe that including your products’ benefits in your ad copy can have a bigger impact. According to them, while a product’s features are aimed at readers who are still doing some research, a product’s benefits target readers who are ready and willing to buy.

And finally, don’t take A/B testing for granted. You should test your Google AdWords ad copies so you can determine which is more effective and which ad is not. Testing your existing AdWords ads can help you develop better ad copies in the future because it allows you to learn from your mistakes and identify the things you should avoid.

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