Humanise your Hiring

quote - interview stageSo you’ve got your Action Plan and you’ve Implemented all the necessary cloud based software to facilitate a long term working relationship with your Virtual Assistant. Now it’s time to get interviewing and hiring!

When working with an offshore VA, it is imperative that you recognise that they are people too, with their own careers and personal life – just like you and I. When I speak to my team of VA’s, they tell me that one of their biggest business challenges are employers treating them like machines and not acknowledging that they are also trying to find a comfortable work/life balance.

Remember this: The most effective place to begin a long term outsourcing project is during the interview stage.

Get a feel for you candidate during the interview process – ask leading questions to get a feel for their lifestyle and working situation. Ensure that your candidate fits in with the culture of your business.

Set yourself up for success with these simple hiring tips, so you can hire for the long term and invest in talent from the beginning:

1. Create a great job description (this is done during the planning stage) making sure you set realistic targets and outline the relevant skills necessary for the position

2. Define the type of personality/character you desire in your contractor. Do you want a bubbly go getter? Or a solid, attention to detail style of worker?

3. After shortlisting, interview your candidates via skype. During this process ask the obligatory questions regarding skills and expertise but most importantly try to get a feel for the candidate’s personality and nature. You should also pay attention to their work environment – is there a lot of background noise? How is the skype call quality?

4. Always give a skills test to test the expertise of your candidate

5. Plan ahead and prepare. A lot of the time when outsourcing relationships go awry it can usually be traced back to the hiring period, when the business owner was in a state of overwhelm. Because they need immediate assistance they may accept candidates that might not fully fit their requirements. This is a big no no when hiring for the long term success of your business.

All sound very complicated and time consuming? Never fear! Virtual Elves are outsourcing specialists – we can manage this process for you from start to finish – ensuring that you get the right Virtual Assistant for your business needs. Not only do we offer support during the course of planning for and hiring of your VA, we also assist both you the business owner AND your VA in your continuing successful working relationship.

Call ….. to take the first step.


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