How to Train & Manage Your Virtual Assistant & Build the Life you Love

One of the main concerns that arise with clients around the topic of Virtual Assistants is the training time. Most are put off by the knowledge that it will take more time to train and manage a Virtual Assistant than it would to just do the work themselves. And you know what? They’re absolutely right!

Initially, it takes time to set up processes and coach someone else to manage aspects of your business. And it’s not a matter of putting in the hard yards at the outset of your professional relationship. Once your VA knows their stuff, it’s still an on-going exercise in regards to assigning tasks, following up and overseeing their efforts.

This sounds like a lot of work right? Well, I ask you to ponder this:          [Tweet ““Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” – Gordon B. Hinckley”]

Yes, I’m going there! I’m not going to tell you how easy it is to integrate a Virtual Assistant into your business…because it isn’t a cake walk (*gasps*)!! But you know what? If you’re prepared to educate yourself on what it takes, you’ll never look back!

It has its challenges, true. But imagine if you could count on a trusted assistant to manage the tasks that get in the way of you truly realising the potential of your business?  You know, the time sapping tasks that take your focus away from building your business and doing what you love. Maybe you like crunching numbers but suck at social media? Or perhaps you dread accounts and are great at networking but don’t have time to do both? These are the types of scenarios where a Virtual Assistant can provide support and assistance at a cost that won’t cripple your business. Once you have a trusted and trained VA on board, it takes less and less time to manage them, and gives you more time to build the life you love!

You’ve just got to set the foundations first. Here’s what you need to know about how to manage a Virtual Assistant.

Processes & Procedures.

Would you make dinner in a dirty kitchen? No, you’d tidy it up first. It’s the same with taking on a VA. You need to ‘tidy up’ your business. Quantify what it takes to perform the tasks you want your VA to manage. I love using Screenflow or Snagit to screen record each task while I narrate how to do it. Then I put it all into a sharable and editable google doc. This is the quickest and easiest way to create a process that your VA can follow.

Project Management Systems.

Don’t rely solely on email to designate tasks to your VA. This is the quickest way for tasks and instructions to get lost or forgotten. Use a cloud based PM system instead. I love Basecamp. Simple to use, and it won’t break the bank. You’ll also find that most Virtual Elves VA’s are already very familiar with Basecamp – so they’d probably be able to show you a thing or two on how it works!


Rule of thumb: 
          ” Over communicate your needs to your VA – especially in the beginning of your working relationship.”  TWEET THIS

They won’t mind having that extra affirmation from you in the form of a skype chat or IM session – it will help cement in their minds what you require and how you want them to go about it. Be pedantic in your instruction and make sure that it’s recorded in your process and procedures manual for prosperity.

These are just a few simple tips that will go a long way in building a successful partnership with a Virtual Assistant. We have also crafted a specialised consultation package that will help you break through the fear of “letting go” and give you clarity and a strategic outsourcing plan tailored just for your business. It will make the process of outsourcing clear and manageable.

Want to learn more and educate yourself on how a Virtual Assistant can work for you? Click Here

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