How to Manage Multiple Ongoing Projects

Depositphotos_4772028_mAlthough managing multiple business projects at one time may seem like a nuance, it is crucial to your businesses success. Going from one project to the next might seem like the more linear, less complicated route to go, but managing multiple ongoing projects doesn’t have to make you feel so cluttered. It can be fairly simple.

The first step towards being able to efficiently manage multiple ongoing projects is to be well organised. And the key to do this is to make sure you have a place for everything involving your multiple projects, and that everything is in its designated place. You can use something as simple as multiple folders, a divider with transparent sleeves, a virtual assistant, or a software that allows you to efficiently manage multiple projects at once. While having one or all of these things to stay well organised can help you manage ongoing business projects, they don’t say much about the status of each project.

After being organised by taking notes and collecting reference material needed to complete the project, you must know the status of each project if asked by clients. Scan over each project and uncover what aspect is vital to the success of that project. For instance, ask yourself what the most important step involved for a certain project, and what is the next step towards its completion?

Write both of these down, or have your virtual assistant write them down and then have this visible at the front of each project folder’s designated spot. Update the project as soon as the specific step is completed. This allows you to know exactly what is happening with each project you are currently managing. This allows you to quickly report back to the customer when they want to know the current status of their project.

So what else can project managers do to make running multiple projects easier?

– Know when to say no to a new project. Learn to recognise when enough is enough.
– Never take unnecessary shortcuts just so you can take on more projects.
– Know how to outsource certain aspects of a project to subordinates or a virtual assistant.
– Set the overall priority of each project by level of importance and delivery date.


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