How to Build Trust With A Filipino Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant comes with a host of benefits that can help improve different areas of your company. Delegating tasks to a trusted Filipino VA can free you up to focus on looking for more opportunities to grow your business.

But how can you trust your life’s work to a personal assistant who is far away?

According to research from MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab, approximately 80% of our ability to influence someone happens in face-to-face interactions. This is why, in most cases, physical proximity is desired in order to gain trust. The good news is that trust can be built overtime. 

You won’t be able to build trust right away or even assign a time frame for the process, but you can help the process along with the following tips:

Do your due diligence

You have to have a reason to be able to trust your virtual assistant. This is why processes like interviews, references, and background checks are essential when you hire a virtual assistant or any remote staff. Exercise due diligence by meticulously checking your VA’s background and references. If you want to skip this step but want to make sure that your new hire is of outstanding character, you can enlist the help of reputable virtual assistant services, like Virtual Elves.

Start with limited access

Trusting someone who works remotely is not very different from trusting in-house staff who have access to the same information. You have to do it gradually. Don’t hand over the keys to the kingdom on their very first day. Provide access to only the essential tools they need in order to do the job and do it well. There are certain password managing tools, such as LastPass, that can give your VA access to your online accounts without ever showing your actual passwords. You may gradually increase their access as you begin to trust your VA.

Keep communication lines open

While it might not feel the same as face to face interaction, trust can be built through virtual channels. A solid relationship cannot work out without good communication. Establish proper ways of communicating. If you work in a different timezone from your virtual assistant in the Philippines, you need to agree on a time in which you are both available for communication. Both of you need to be readily available to talk to just as easily as in-house employees. Make use of real time communication tools, such as Slack, WhatsApp, Viber, Google Chat etc. There is no shortage of those. You will find messaging apps very helpful if you need to reach one another instantly. 

Another way to establish rapport and build trust is to hold video calls. 55% of communication comes from the non-verbal cues we give out when talking to one another. Visual cues such as a smile, a nod, and direct eye contact increase the virtual empathy needed to build trust. So turn on your video cam when making a call!

Track tasks

Task management systems and time tracking tools are not there to micromanage your VA’s. They’re there so that both of you can see the direction of work that takes place and you can use that information to adjust accordingly. With these tools, you will know if your VA is struggling with a task or breezing through it like a boss. It also fosters accountability since their progress is apparent. 

As with any relationship, developing trust with your VA takes time. It is earned, not given. If you need help connecting with a Filipino Virtual Assistant you can trust, book a discovery call today.

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