Here’s What You Should Know about Google AdWords for Video

Using PPC ads is a great way to improve your online visibility, as well as generate traffic and conversions. This is one of the reasons why many business owners these days are using Google AdWords as part of their digital marketing strategy. But did you know that you can further step up your AdWords game by using video ads?

According to studies, video ads are expected to be popular in the next few years and spending on these online marketing tools is predicted to grow 21% by 2019. If you want to attract more visitors and generate more conversions, you should definitely give creating AdWords for Video campaigns a shot. Meanwhile, Pauline Jakober, CEO of Group Twenty Seven, offers some nifty information and tips on using AdWords for Video.

Ad Rotation Settings
According to Pauline, unlike the original AdWords for Search Networks, AdWords for Video doesn’t have the 90-day rotation option. However, both AdWords platforms share something in common. Their default ad rotation setting is set to “optimized” for clicks. If you want to make the most of your video ads, Pauline recommend setting video ad rotation to “rotate evenly” because the default option is not always advisable for advertisers.

Google Analytics
Just like with the original AdWords, you can have access to Google Analytics when creating AdWords for Video campaigns. Video ads also get their own reporting within the AdWords section of Google Analytics. To make it much easier for you to identify your video campaigns, Pauline suggests including the word “video” when naming your video ad campaigns.

Call to Action (CTA)
Any type of AdWords campaign should always have a call to action or CTA. When it comes to video ads, you can create CTA overlays that you can link to your landing page. Pauline recommends using tested CTA phrases, such as “buy now,” “register,” and “learn more,” as they have been proven to be good at attracting clicks.

Targeting Options
Unlike with the original AdWords, there are no ad groups for AdWords for Videos. Instead, the latter has targeting options that allow you to lock in on a specific group of people or audience according to demographics or topics.

Different Networks
Video ads can show up in different places. Aside from Google Search, your video ads can also be displayed on YouTube and via YouTube search. This gives you a competitive advantage as it provides your ads more with more exposure, which in turn helps improve your odds of generating more clicks, visits, and conversions.

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