Hello! My name is Felipe and I’m from Argentina. I’ve been working as a graphic designer for almost 20 years, and I can proudly say that ‘graphic design is my passion’, written in comic sans, of course. And it really is! I started creating wallpapers of my favourite bands back in high school, and after seeing some of my designs a professor told me ‘You are lucky, Felipe, because you know what your profession will be’, and I’m glad he was right! 
At first, I started working with local clients, and seeing how their businesses grew with the help of my designs, it felt amazing! Then, after a couple of years and with a significant amount of experience, I decided it was the perfect time to aim for bigger projects and face new challenges. This is how I made the big jump and started working with clients from all around the world, from Australia to Europe, United States, South America, Asia, focusing on marketing, social media, printing and web design mostly. It was like a dream come true!
When I’m not behind my computer, I like taking breaks from my usual 24/7 craziness around design to dedicate time to my other addictions– I mean hobbies! In the morning I like to grind my own coffee, there is nothing like fresh grounded coffee to start fuelling your day while listening your favourite podcasts. When I need bigger breaks, I enjoy riding my bike around the city to catch a big breath of fresh air and find that peace of mind that we all sometimes need.

And I can assure you, every morning when I grind my coffee, I want it to be the most delicious drink that I ever had. Every evening when I ride my bike, I try to be faster than the last time. And every time I start a new job I give my 100%, because I want to achieve the best possible design too. I like to take on challenges. I like to make things work as they should.

My Design Portfolio

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