Google’s Latest Innovation on Adwords and Device Bidding

Great news to all business owners!

Google’s latest update will help business owners and advertisers in providing a relative upsurge of profits by using their latest AdWords.

For several years, Google has been providing people with Google AdWords to precipitate traffic for their site. With their commitment to customers, Google continues to prioritize mobile-first which gives favor to the mobile experience. They announced the retirement of the AdWord metric which they have been using for over 15 years. According to them modifying and updating the system was sorely needed.  

Today, Google is proud to announce the 3 latest updates designed to help business owners and advertisers to achieve more profit by using internet with their mobile devices. According to them, converter clicks will no longer be in use starting September 21st of this year because it is already an “outdated metric”, being used since 2001.

They also reiterated that, this conversion to mobile responsiveness provides more efficient and adaptive ways for advertisers to determine the outcome of their ads. Moreover, The Expanded Text Ad, which is one of the updates, gives the advertisers the chance to create longer text blocks for their AdWords Ads. This gives them opportunity to create full headlines of 30 characters each and 80 character description. In comparison with the standard text ad, this is 50% bigger in size. They also adjust automatically to the screen size of the device.

Another innovation done is the Responsive Display Ads. These ads automatically adjust themselves in accordance with the size of the screen it is being viewed upon. This ad unit has 25-characters and a 90-character description or body. It also allows the attachment of images and the site’s URL. Upon giving your information, Google automatically creates the ads to fit across the Google Display Network.

Google also notes the need to update their Bidding Device which will benefit advertisers more. This will allow them to make mobile the focal point of their campaign. They will be able to set separate bid adjustments for mobile, desktop, and tablet.



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