Google Will Let Entrepreneurs Target Ads Using Your Email Address

Internet marketing is one of the cheapest yet easiest ways to advertise your business. Through the internet, it allows you to broaden your target market since most of the people surf the net to check their emails, social media accounts or just search for the information that they need. The only problem with internet marketing is that you wouldn’t be able to encourage your target market easily since you wouldn’t know how to contact them.

Thankfully, Google created a new product that will benefit the entrepreneurs. That product is the Customer Match.

What Is a Customer Match and How Does It Work?

A Customer Match is a business app that lets the advertisers use a list of Google users that use their different services. For you to be targeted by the app, you need to log in to your Google account and do some activities to their products. According to Google, their users should not worry about their privacy since entrepreneurs won’t get the info on your profile. They will just get your email address and the sites you usually go to whenever you are online.

For instance, a person who loves to shop online will have a record in the online store. Using this app will allow the company to get your email address for free and then upload it to this application. Furthermore, they will get to see your inbox so they could check if they should include you in the list of their target audience. If they do, you will start to receive their latest promos and offers without your consent.

Customer Match Is Dealing with Privacy Concerns

Though Google assures their clients that their personal info is safe despite getting their email addresses, many people are still concerned regarding how this app works. Since the retailer will be able to take a sneak peek on your inbox, they feel that they wouldn’t get the privacy that they wanted.

Despite the issue, many entrepreneurs use this app to increase their sales and cut their cost in advertising. Sending an ad through a person’s email address is the best way to promote one’s business since you can get in touch with the audience than other online marketing strategies. They can send you an email and ask you regarding your offer, and you can reply back once you see their questions. Furthermore, you can track their activities by just tapping on their email addresses.


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