Google Rolls Out New and Better Sitelinks Search Box

Google has made it easier for users to find a specific piece of content on a website. The tech giant said it has made tweaks on the sitelinks search box, allowing everyone to search over a site straight from the results. With this latest update, web users can save a great deal of time and effort.

According to a blog posted by Google Webmaster Trends Analyst MariyaMoeva and Software Engineer Kaylin Spits, when users search for a company by name, they may really be searching for googlesearch_featuredsomething specific to that company’s website. This, among other reasons, has motivated them to update the sitelinks search box. They explained that before, Google would display a larger set of sitelinks and an additional search box below that search result. But with the latest update, the search box is now more prominent. It has been placed above the sitelinks for greater visibility. The duo added that the new search box also supports Auto-complete.

While the new and improved sitelinks search box is indeed beneficial to users, it is also a huge help to webmasters, online business owners, and even bloggers. It is because this new and nifty Google Search feature has the ability to send a user directly to your website’s own search pages. However, you have to make sure that your web pages are marked up properly to make this work.

To enable this feature, you have to mark up your site first. Google said you will require a working site-specific search engine for your site. If you already have one, you can inform the tech giant by simply marking up your homepage as a entity with the potentialAction property of the You can use JSON-LD, microdata, or RDFa to do this. If you want to get a complete rundown of the implementation process, you can check out Google’s developer site for more details.

If the mark-up implementation process went off without a hitch, the people who are looking for some information about your business or organisation can now go directly from the sitelinks search box to your site’s search results page. With this feature, you can have more traffic for your site, which increases your chance of generating more conversions.

So far, the new sitelinks search box has received generally positive reviews from the online community. Many are already praising Google for its latest move because of the help it can provide not only for the average web user, but for the site owner as well.

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