Google Redesigns AdWords Interface

Shortly after revealing a new layout for its search engine result pages or SERPs, Google has recently redesigned the AdWords interface. The AdWords interface is basically where online marketers and business owners manage their PPC campaigns and see where their copies are displayed. It was first created in 2001 exclusively for text-based ads. With the update, however, the interface has new features that are expected to benefit anyone who is using AdWords to generate traffic for their site.

Here are some of the most notable changes you’ll see with the new and improved Google AdWords:

1. More focus on fulfilling business goals

Instead of focusing on features, AdWords is now more intent on managing a marketer’s campaign according to the latter’s business goals. This will enable marketers like you to take strategic steps to fulfil their objectives like using AdWords to either bring more traffic to their ecommerce site or to improve their sales.

2. Relevant data is now easier to access

AdWords now provide easy access to insight and data, especially those that are related to your business goals and objectives. With this feature, it will be much easier for you to determine how much traffic is coming from mobile users or even find out which AdWords campaign is bringing you more profit.

3. Manage important settings easily

Another notable change is the ease with which you can manage important settings on Google AdWords. With the update, you can now build reports and even manage extensions from the same dashboard location, therefore, helping you save time and effort.

4. Monitor your progress easily

With the new Google AdWords, it is now much easier for advertisers to determine if their campaigns are giving them the results they are expecting. They can now see the evolutions of their clicks and conversions over a one-month period. According to experts, the new graphical view of clicks and conversion is now much easier to read than the previous version.

5. See an overview of top ad groups

Just under the graph on the overview screen, advertisers can see their top five ad groups, including their cost, number of conversions, and impressions. This makes it easier for you to determine which of your ad groups is performing well. If you’re selling a product online, this feature will enable you to see which the most popular product category is.

6. Determine ad performance by device

The overview also lets you determine how your campaigns perform on each device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) based on three key performance indicators. These three KPIs are clicks, impressions, and cost.


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