Google Panda 4.2 Is Slowly Making an Impact

Be ready for the latest Panda version! Last year, the Panda 4.1 had taken the internet by storm. It had affected several websites which also affected the SEO industry. Now, Google has announced that there is a new Panda version that is slowly making an impact. Though he doesn’t have a name yet, many people call it as a Panda 4.2. This version will be slowly felt by the websites in the coming months that could affect 2%-3% of English language demands.

Unlike the previous version, this Panda is known for its slow impact. It would take months before your website can feel its effect. Currently, there are teams that analyze the latest Panda behavior. But before we discuss its effect, let’s discuss the effect of the previous Panda update.

As mentioned earlier, there are several websites that were affected by the previous panda version. Two of these websites are the and the Let’s discuss the first. When it was hit by the Panda 4.1, their performance was greatly affected. But since the latest update rolled out, the website seems to recover nicely. After their website was affected by the latest Panda version, there has been a huge improvement with their traffic surge. There was a 23% increase of organic web site traffic after the Panda 4.2 was released.

But the latest Panda update doesn’t give the same effect to Just like the Seroundtable, Zabasearch was also hit by the previous Panda update. It has also been hit by the latest Panda version. Though both have been affected by the two Panda updates, the effects aren’t the same. If the Seroundtable benefited from the latest Panda, Zabasearch did not. In fact, their web traffic continues to fall. Before their website was hit by the Panda 4.2, the website received 311,230 web visits. But when the website was invaded by this Panda, the amount of web traffic they received droped. From more than 300,000 web visits, the website has only received 259,000 web visits. That’s a 17% decrease of overall web traffic received.

So, the question is, will the latest Panda version improve your web traffic or not? We will know the answer in the coming months. After all, it just started a few weeks ago. We will keep you posted regarding this Panda update!

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