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It seems that Google is working on another project that will help online publishers get more page views. According to reports, the tech giant has plans to introduce a new content recommendation system for publishers’ websites. It was revealed that the new recommendation system will be launched as early as next month.

An employee from Google said their engineers are currently working on a beta version that will “present users relevant internal articles” that were posted on the site after reading a particular web page. The representative went on to say that the new feature is expected to help publishers get more loyal users and generate more pageviews. A Google insider said the backend algorithm of the new service is different from the one launched by the tech giant for mobile sites last year.

It won’t be long before the new content recommendation system, which is similar to tools like Outbrain, Taboola, and Zementa, hit the online scene. Apparently, Google has already sought out the participation of the system’s potential users. According to some publishers, they have already received an invitation from the tech giant to test the system’s beta version.

Meanwhile, Google has set its sights into the business of selling videoconferencing tools for companies. This week, the tech giant will start selling the “Chromebox for meetings,” which costs $999 in the United States. The package includes a 1080p HD camera, a combination mic and speaker, and remote with a QWERTY keyboard on the back. The US$999 package comes with a one-year free HD videoconferencing service. Once the free service expires, companies will have to pay US$250 annually.

The system runs on Google Hangouts and it can be used with the program’s regular version. Users can add up to 15 participants from anywhere. This basically means that as long as you have a Gmail account and the Hangouts app, you can join a videoconference using your phone, tablet, or laptop. According to a Google representative, the “Chromebox for meetings” was designed to make client meetings more convenient and a lot easier for various enterprises. It can also help reduce a company’s travel expenses.

According to Google, what makes its videoconferencing service different from similar services is its ease of use. Ceasar Sengupta, a product management VP in Google’s Chrome division, said you can start a video conference by “simply walking in the room and clicking the remote.” There’s no need for you to set up complex dial-in codes, passcodes, or leader PINs, he added.

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