Google Encourages Business Owners to Keep Their Knowledge Graph Updated

If it has been quite some time since you last updated the Knowledge Graph information for your business, don’t be surprised if Google gives you a reminder to check it if is up to date. According to Search Engine Journal, the tech giant is actively reminding business owners to keep their business information updated to get the best results possible from their SEO efforts.

For those who didn’t know, the Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base Google uses to improve search results. The tech giant utilises semantic-search information obtained from a wide variety of sources to provide users with valuable and structured data and information about a particular topic. The main purpose of this feature is to enable users to obtain the information they need without having the need to click on links. The Knowledge Graph display was added to Google Search in 2012.

If you’re signed in with a Google account that is linked to a Google My Business page, you will see a box on top of your Knowledge Graph with the question “Is it up-to-date?” This is reportedly the first time Google has taken a proactive approach to encouraging business owners to keep their business information updated. Google also released an updated help document that gives users an idea of how to be considered an “official representative of an entity in the Knowledge Graph.”

In the event that you want to update your business information on your Knowledge Graph card, you must fulfil the following requirements before you can make the appropriate changes.

1. First, you must an own an online presence that represents the entity or business in the Knowledge Graph car.
2. You must ensure that an online presence, which includes a website, YouTube channel, and Google+ page, is included in the Knowledge Graph card.
3. You must sign in to the Google account that owns that online presence.

After you make the necessary changes and updates to your business information, Google will review them first before the changes on the business info are reflected on your Knowledge Graph card. This is to confirm their accuracy.

If you’re a business owner, always remember that it’s very important to make sure that any information about your business is accurate and up to date. This is to prevent misinformation and confusion among your target audience. Keeping your business information updated can also help you maintain your credibility and integrity.


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