Google Apps for Education Finds Home in Nova Scotia Classrooms

Education is essential. It does not only teach us to count, read and write words. It also prepares us for our future. But with the rapid technological advancement, our education system needs to keep up with these changes. That is why the Department of Education in Nova Scotia introduces the Google Apps for Education to their students. The purpose of this app is to make learning easier and faster. As of today, the Ecole Five Bridges Junior High in Hubley distributed 600 units of ChromeBook to grades 7-9 students so they can start doing their assignments, even while they are on the road.

What Is Google Apps for Education

Google understands the importance of education. Thus, they created an app that will benefit both the teachers and the students. The Google Apps for Education is a cloud-based program that has email, assignment management and word processing software. With this app, you won’t forget to bring your assignments and projects since they are all in the cloud storage. You just need to have an internet connection, and you can submit your work once you are done.

Why the Department of Education in Nova Scotia Decided to Use This App?

Aside from keeping up with the technological advancement, they also want their education system to improve. With this app, no need for the students and the teachers to bring their things to school. All they have to bring is their ChromeBook. Furthermore, this app helps the teachers to monitor their students’ works. The teachers will know if you are doing your assignments or not. They can see if you are doing the project because they can get a glimpse of your work before you submit it. Thus, the excuse that you forgot to bring your homework won’t be effective anymore!

If the students have questions, they can leave a comment in the box, and the teacher will reply once they see your message. With the Google Apps for Education, it will help the teachers improve their teaching techniques, and the students will learn more using this app.

The Google App for Education is a free software program. You can compose emails, start doing your assignments and projects and other activities without payment. But the best thing about it is the data offered by the program. The moment you register on the app, you now own the data given to you.

Would you love to see this in our education system?


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