Feng Shui in the Office

doctor-548133_1280_smalThese days, organisations look at their work environments differently than say thirty years ago. Whilst there are still people that don’t fully understand the principles of good design, energy flow and harmony within a work environment, Feng Shui is now becoming more main stream in workplace design and getting stronger by the day as companies are realising the fundamentals of Feng Shui and its principles. Yes Feng Shui, and these ancient Chinese philosophies and principles and in particular Interior Alignment® shows us that our work environment mirrors what is going on within our bodies and minds.

Feng Shui designs can enhance a workplace to not only flow better, but be more productive and engaging. Allowing the skillset of employees to shine and allow them to work more effectively, supporting their strengths.

Gone are the days of the closed door policy, now it is about collaboration and helping the team! There are still areas that of course that need to be areas of reflection and quiet but these can be designed within the floorplan so that there are smaller break out rooms.

For more information on Feng Shui and Interior Alignment® or a quote to have a feng shui audit on your company, email Karen@sacredclearings.com.au

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