Easier Payment Method with Android Pay

android pay_smallA long time ago, payment for anything we would want to purchase takes minutes, sometimes even hours just to get done. Then ATM was made, credit cards became popular and everything from buying a dress to paying for dinner can be done in less than five minutes, done in a swift swipe motion in the counter and a few signatures.

But with the advancement of technology and the need of most consumers to get everything in a snap, Google created Google Wallet. A mobile payment system, Google Wallet makes the life of consumers much easier. It is a wallet in your phone’s operating system where you can store credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and even redeem promotions from your favorite store – all in the safety cradle of your mobile device. My, my we love Google with all the start-ups they build and new applications they send to our Android phones.

The newest app now, however, is Android Pay. Similar to Google Wallet, Android Pay allows users to pay for almost everything with just a tap on their cellphones. Though Android Pay is so much better and more advanced as it does not need an app to operate. All you have to do is unlock your phone to enable your Android operating system, place the phone near a credit card terminal and you are done paying. This avoids a longer queue and the restaurant dilemma where our card is not functioning properly. Android Pay also allows consumers to use redemption card and loyalty card without even carrying it. Customers will greatly benefit in this development because now, all their discount coupons is in one place and will prompt automatically when paying the merchant. How great is that?

For those who are scared of credit card scams, Android Pay might be for you as it is a secure way of payment. Nobody, not even you has to even touch your credit card and your credit card number is not going to be sent on the merchant but a virtual account number is. This tap-and-go method of the Android Pay makes customers payment method easier. Business establishments benefit from it too because now, their staff need not do a lot of things regarding payment because a manchine can do it for them. Their time will be spent to do other important task instead. .

Android Pay is still at its infancy so it still has more things it needs to improve. But with this recent development, carrying only a cellphone even without cash can get us through the whole day.

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