Do You Compare Yourself with Others?

One of our lovely clients Alison Monaghan from Happisoul is a master EFT trainer and practitioner. Alison uses Emotional Freedom Technique to help her clients to overcome pain and overwhelm and invite joy and inner peace into their lives. In this vlog, Alison addresses the insecurities that plague us when we compare ourselves to others. Something that I’m sure we, as business women, are all guilty of at some point in our careers.

Alison shows us some simple tools to deal with these limiting emotions and find contentment. WATCH MORE


Go ‘backstage’ with Ali Monaghan and Julie Zommers as they chat about their week as EFT Practitioners. The Emotional Freedom Techniques is a cutting edge 21st Century tool that helps people deal with issues that get in the way of a happy life, from day to day issues, to deep seated trauma.

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