Delegate These 7 Tasks To Your Virtual Personal Assistant

There’s no doubt that a virtual assistant can give your business added value. With the sheer amount of work business owners accomplish by themselves everyday, the support of a virtual assistant could indeed prove to be extremely valuable. 

But what is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant or VA is an independent contractor who works remotely to perform support tasks and complementary work functions.

Micro business and new entrepreneurs are prudent about where their funds go and it is essential that staffing is maximised to its full potential. This is why they put so much thought into who to outsource and delegate work to. 

Virtual assistants are the perfect candidate for supporting small businesses owners and helping them grow. If you are a new entrepreneur thinking about how to hire extra help for your business, here are

7 task categories where a VA can be valuable.

Managing email

The most important attribute of good customer service is a fast response time. This is according to customers themselves. So much time is spent by a business owner checking and answering emails and other text inquiries. However, this is a task that’s perfectly suitable for remote work and could easily be delegated to a trusted virtual assistant. A VA can save you a lot of time by answering simple inquiries and responding to emails. Without being buried under a ton of unanswered emails, a business owner can reduce their response time and improve their customer service. 

Research work

Gathering information is essential in every line of work. VA’s can be entrusted to collect data and do a simple market scan on other vendors and players in the industry. They can also gather information on existing products or developments in the business. 

Working with data

A capable VA can sift through your company data and turn it into something useful. While you may need a qualified data analyst to convert statistical data, a competent VA can do simple data collection and processing. For example, you might want to interpret the results of a 5 question survey that you sent out through your latest newsletter. A VA can comb through those results for you. 

Social media

Almost all businesses have a social media presence. It’s one of the ways a business builds customer engagement. Here’s where a VA with social media management skills can be an asset to your business. If you can guide them into communicating your brand’s voice and what kind of content is appropriate to share, then they can be an excellent resource in managing your social media presence. 

Content creation

Along with social media management skills, a VA with the knack for content creation can help boost your social media presence. Unique and engaging content is what helps businesses build a strong community presence, extend your business’ reach, and draw in new leads. 

Calendar management

VAs can help you stay organised by coordinating your appointments and making sure you’re not overbooked. They help keep you on track and on time. Making sure you have efficient use of your time is reason enough to see the value of hiring an experienced VA. 

Personal errands

VAs can also help with personal errands and tasks that can be arranged remotely. For example, if you need gifts picked or goods delivered, a reliable VA can arrange for those. Although these tasks may not be business related, they can sure save you some time so that you can focus on things related to growing your business. 

These are just a few of the virtual assistant skills that can prove valuable for your business. You can explore the other services we offer here. Let us help you find the new addition to your team!

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