Database Woes?

Off the back of a meeting today I wanted to share with you some of the discussion as I think there are some cool things that might be helpful to the community.

We were discussing this client having 3 different places where his database is kept and the fact that none of them speak to each other and none of them have the ability to send our regular communications to his clients.

So he had ACT as the key database, MYOB as the working database of current clients and Outlook storing emails from people he has actually made contact with.

What he wanted to do was use Mailchimp to communicate on a quarterly basis with his database.

He had previously been offered advise that was confusing, costly and did not actually move his project forward at all.

We discussed simplifying as follows:


  1. Export all current databases into .csv files
  2. Have one of my virtual assistants clean the database (a cost of about $60 max) so it is removing duplicates and incomplete information
  3. Import into Mailchimp


  1. Create a FREE Zapier account
  2. Speak to ACT and discuss the MYOB automation capabilities for when a contact is added to also add to ACT
  3. Create a Zapier link with ACT and Mailchimp to automate the addition of new contacts and eradicate the need for duplication

So there you have it! In the space of 15mins and a cost of about $60 he is going to have everything ready to go out to his database on a quarterly basis.

Happy client!

Hope this has been helpful?

If you need help with a similar challenge, why not give Kristy a call? Book a time here.

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