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Level up your career and become a super VEVA and achieve greater success and growth in your career!

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive job market, staying current with the latest skills and technologies is essential to remain relevant and valuable to our clients. Likewise, as VAs we must constantly innovate and adapt to keep pace with evolving market trends and customer needs.

We can position ourselves for long-term success and growth by focusing on learning and skill development. Let us always stay up-to-date on industry news and best practices.

Ultimately, the ability to “skill up” is critical for anyone who wants to “scale up” their VA career and achieve their full potential.

Here are some recommended websites to sign up based on specialisation and get certified for FREE:

Aim to get 1 certificate every month or quarter to upskill yourself and to be added to your portfolio.


Accounting Certification

Canva Design School


Digital Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Google Digital Garage

Hubspot Academy

Saylor Organisation


Alison Course



Simplilearn Youtube Channel

Kajabi Training

WordPress Tutorial

Free Master in Digital Marketing & Business


Online Tutorials

Helpful Resources

Helpful Tools
1. Witeboard:
2. Blush:
3. Carrd:
4. What runs:
5. Coverr:
6. Flourish:
7. Untools:
8. Lumen5:
9. AI transcription tools
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