Skill Assessment – Social Media Role

Congratulations on progressing to the skill assessment stage of the hiring process! This is an opportunity for you to showcase your abilities and demonstrate why you’re the perfect fit for the role. Here’s what you need to know about skill assessment:

Understanding the Purpose:

Skill assessment is designed to evaluate your proficiency in specific areas relevant to the role you’re applying for. It allows employers to objectively measure your skills and capabilities, ensuring that you have the necessary qualifications to succeed in the position.

preparing effectively and demonstrating your capabilities with confidence, you can increase your chances of success in securing the position. Good luck!


Social Media Skill Assessment for Virtual Assistant Applicants

Welcome to the Social Media Skill Assessment! This assessment will evaluate your proficiency in various aspects of social media management, including Canva designing, creating engaging content, understanding insights, and strategizing to grow audience reach. Please carefully read the instructions for each section before proceeding.


  1. Download the SMM Answer sheet doc below, and insert all necessary designs and responses based on the tasks below.
  2. Please record your process using, kindly choose the screen and camera when answering and completing the assessment.
  3. Add the recording link to the bottom of your answer sheet.
  4. Save the answer sheet in a PDF format with this file name (Name + Date + SMM Skill Assessment).
  5. In the Google Drive Folder shared with Virtual Elves, create a sub-folder and name it: SMM Assessment Answer Sheet, upload the answer sheet here.
  6. Once completed please email the recruitment team to, to let us know you have completed the Assessment.

Assessment Submission schedule: Within 24 hours upon receipt of the instructions from Virtual Elves.

Section 1: Canva Designing

Task: Create a visually appealing social media graphic using Canva for a fictional company named “FitLifestyle” which promotes healthy living and fitness tips.

  • Use Canva to design the graphic. (create an account)
  • Incorporate relevant images, text, and branding elements.
  • Ensure the design reflects the energetic and motivational vibe of FitLifestyle.
  • Grab the link to the design to be shared for review and add it to your answer sheet.

Section 2: Social Media Content Creation

Task: Write a compelling social media post for FitLifestyle’s Instagram account promoting a 7-day fitness challenge.

  • Capture the audience’s attention and encourage participation.
  • Include clear instructions on how to join the challenge.
  • Utilize appropriate hashtags and mentions.
  • Take a screenshot of this post and add the image to your answer sheet

Utilize appropriate hashtags and mentions.

Section 3: Audience Growth Strategy

Task: Develop a strategy to grow FitLifestyle’s Instagram audience.

  • Outline specific tactics to increase follower count and engagement.
  • Consider both organic and paid methods.
  • Provide reasoning behind each tactic and how it aligns with FitLifestyle’s brand.

Section 4: Content Planning Process

Task: Create a content calendar to plan and organize your social media content effectively. Use tools like Google Sheets, Excel, or specialized social media management platforms to schedule posts in advance.

  • Consider both organic and paid methods.
  • Provide reasoning behind each tactic and how it aligns with FitLifestyle’s brand.

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