Why I chose the Philippines for my Outsourcing

If you’ve worked with me before, you’ll know that I use the Philippines to source the majority of my VA talent. Not only do I champion candidates from the Philippines for my own clients, Cherry Bonachita , my own full time Virtual Assistant, hails from the Philippines also. Cherry and I have been working together for over 3 years now. I’ve travelled to her country to meet her and her family and she is a major part of the support team I surround myself with.

The giants of the outsourcing industry are typically China and India – but the Philippines are emerging as a key player in global outsourcing – especially in Australia. And here’s why:

The Time Difference: When communicating with your VA, you need to take into account the time and date differences. When you’re dealing with a contractor on the other side of the globe, this can be an administrative nightmare! Fortunately, nestled in South East Asia, the Philippines are only 2-3 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard time.

Education: The literacy rate in the Philippines is in excess of 92% with approximately 360,000 University graduates per year – which is significantly higher than other popular outsourcing destinations. You can be assured that your candidate is educated and had the right skills for the tasks at hand.

Language: All of the contractors I’ve worked with from the Philippines have impeccable English. They write and speak clearly and concisely and there is rarely any miscommunication due to accent or understanding.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in the Philippines is much less than western countries contracting their services, meaning their wages and cost per hour is correspondingly lower as well. You can receive the support you need whilst avoiding the pitfalls of the ‘high wage, high cost’ Australian economy.

Work Ethic: Workers from the Philippines have a reputation as dedicated contractors with a strong work ethic. Globally outsourced positions are highly sought after because of the comparably high wages and work from home comforts. The competition for these types of jobs creates a talent pool of highly educated and experienced candidates from which to choose from.

So you can see, there are many benefits to choosing the Philippines for your global outsourcing needs. With the right kind of guidance and assistance, like me, you too can find yourself the perfect VA, ready to support you and your business goals for your long term success.

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