Can I hire a VA to do tasks I can’t train them in?

If you’re a fan of the Virtual Elves blog you’ll probably have noticed a running theme through most of our articles, which is: [Tweet “If you want a good working relationship with your VA you have to take the time to prepare processes and train them.”] 

Which is 100% correct! And especially true if you’re hiring a VA to take over tasks that are part of your organisation’s primary product or service. For example, if you were an accountant and you wanted a virtual assistant to help you with bookkeeping,  you would hire a VA with experience, but you would train them in how your company does that particular function in order to maintain the quality and high standards your company is known for. This VA would probably work on a per hour basis and you would supervise their output and time management.

But what if you’re an accountant who wants a website built? Or a masseuse who needs a suite of documents designed? These tasks, while essential to running your business, would probably sit outside of your respective expertise.

You wouldn’t be able to train someone to do these tasks, so how do you contract a VA to Do work you can’t train them in?

First of all you need to find the right Virtual Assistant – someone who is an expert in the field that you require. Then hire them on a per project basis, rather than hourly. This puts the onus on the VA to be results based rather than working to a set amount of hours. This type of arrangement works particularly well with VA services such as web design, graphic design, copywriting and research.

Then, rather than a process, you will need to instead create a detailed brief for your VA, filled with examples and specifics about what you want them to create or achieve.

A good VA will be able to guide you towards the type of information and feedback they require and you will need to be available to review and approve their work as it progresses.

It is certainly possible to hire a VA to do tasks you can’t train them in – but it can be a lot of work to do on your own, especially if this is the first time you’ve used a Virtual Assistant.

[Tweet “The easiest way to achieve a great result for projects outside your professional scope is to hire an Outsourced Service Provider.”] An OSP can recruit; brief and project manage a Virtual Assistant on your behalf. They will have an established team of tried and true expert VA’s who are highly skilled in their fields and familiar working with clients in the virtual sphere.  

Essentially, an OSP bridges the gap between your needs and the outsourcing resources available worldwide, helping you through the process so you feel educated and in control and ensuring the realisation of your business goals.

Want to learn more? Click Here to learn more about our services and meet our team of dedicated VA’s.


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