Can your clients find your front door?

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We have all tried to find a street address to a home or office building and no number is in sight. You go down the street hoping to find another number so you can make reference to it and work it out. Trying to find the front door of the building only to discover that it’s really inconspicuous and has not been given any thought at all, as you clammer over obstacles to ring the bell.

In Feng Shui, one of the main principles is that Chi is life force energy and everything in the universe has chi. It is important in our homes and businesses that chi flows easily and in a balanced way towafeatured_front doorrds us and our front door. As a consultant i spend time on the front entrance of a building to make sure that there is a clear path to encourage chi to the mouth of the building and the front door and to make the front door as auspicious as my clients tastes are, not necessarily red as most people think, but something bold and striking. This is the first impression that your clients, friends or family will see if they are to visit you.

Make sure you have a clear path from the sidewalk to the front door of your building and that your front door is inviting and easily seen so that opportunities do not rush on by. Fix all broken and sticky hardware. Landscape a beautiful meandering driveway and make sure all plants that are overhanging the path are cut back to allow people to walk comfortably towards your door.

Put your business name and number of building clearly so that it can be seen by all your potential clients. Sweep the path so that it is clear of debris and put out a fabulous contemporary light to shine at night. Maybe a welcome mat and two pot plants on either side of the doorway to enhance and welcome and balance the chi as well.

Consider paying for a feng shui consultation in the setup process of your building including where to place your street signage and entrance way as these are some of the most important factors as you are creating intentions for success.

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