Busy Business Women Podcast

Kristy was honoured to be a guest on the Busy Business Women Podcast where she discussed ALL about how the fears and frustrations that stop so many of us from delegating, offloading, and outsourcing can significantly hinder our business success.

With over 12 years experience helping businesses boom, Faye’s a business coach, podcast host and excitable speaker (as well as Joke Maker, GIF Enthusiast and Wine Appreciator) helping female entrepreneurs globally create profitable, commercially successful businesses.

She’s refreshingly unconventional in her approach; hell-bent on being raw and real, and on a mission to help as many women as possible in small business truly thrive.

And with two young daughters, two businesses, a husband and dog to ‘manage’, Faye’s proof that you can create a successful business despite the demands on your time, and she’s all too happy to be the one cheering you on.


Listen on:

Website: https://busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast/podcast-14-kristy-smith/

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