Is your Business Working for you?

workers-659885_640Over the years I’ve met many entrepreneurs in various stages of their business. But they all have something in common – they are spending crazy amounts of energy sorting out time consuming, niggly, operational issues. And still the work keeps piling up!

Of course, we all know this inevitably leads to feelings of stress and overwhelm, which is usually when the realisation that they need help comes about!

So, a question to ask yourself.. Are you doing what you want in your business? This may seem like a pretty innocuous question, but it really cuts to the core of the overwhelm issue. If you’re operating your business in a state of overwhelm you feel besieged by the sheer amount of tasks that need your attention. This affects your ability to focus and the quality of your work.

So what is holding you back from enjoying your business?

To answer this question you need to identify the source of your overwhelm: what is it that is causing you stress in your life? Write down everything you do in your day – could someone else do some of these tasks? What are the core functions of your business? Who is responsible for them?

Understanding your organisation is the first step in structuring your business so that you can successfully and efficiently delegate operational tasks and concentrate on doing what you want in your business. This could be anything, from networking, sales or marketing – whatever it is that you enjoy about your work and your business.

Once you have some clarity on what you’d like to do in your business, it’s easy to isolate the tasks that stop you from achieving your long term goals.

One phrase I saw recently really hit home for me:

“Delegate everything that could be done for $10 or under per hour”

There are so many tasks that you could have someone else doing for you that will help you to have the space to scale and grow your business.

Download this list for “100 Things a VA can do for you” to get an idea of some of those things.

I’m here to tell you that turning things around in your business takes time and dedication, but the rewards are worth the hard work! I know the feeling – I’ve been there too! Read more about my journey.

I can show you how to develop working strategies/methods/tools that will propel your business into the big time, doing the work you love.


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