Your Business Has Consciousness

You have heard the terminology as a sole trader that –  YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS ! Well, from a Feng Shui perspective our businesses also have consciousness.

Everything in life is made up of constantly changing energy fields between energy, matter and light  (Einsteins E=Mc2) and everything has a Spirit, a consciousness, and this also includes our homes and our businesses and the spaces between the walls of these environments.  There is no such thing as an empty space.  Our offices should be a sanctuary, a place that should feel sacred and a place that we can connect to, as our businesses have energy fields that shift and change with our emotions and personalities, as well as our staff and how we relate to these, affects how we feel supported within that space.

Our business environments as well as our homes are manifestations of our inner reality, as we have created these environments, this means that they affect us on a mind body spirit level, so it is important to make sure your business is aligned with your goals and intentions to bring through a consciousness that you are happy with.

We literally are our business –  Make sure its happy and prosperous !

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