Bringing your Yang out!

wdryldg_featuredAs the cold weather of Winter is in decline and the Yin elements are in retreat, its time to bring your Yang out as Spring is making itself known.

You’ve probably heard about Yin and Yang in general terms connected to Taoism, well they apply to our spaces too as they are dependent upon each other and cannot exist without the other as they are the opposing yet harmonious forces that work in the Universal flow of life.

How does this work in your business you ask – well as we veg out in Winter and are not as active in the repair and maintenance of items within the office that could possibly need repairing or recycling, we seem to wait until the approach of Spring where yang starts to assert itself and we feel more light,  creative and active as we approach the Summer months, bringing with it the motivation to get things done.  Well the time is now to get your Yang out and create change where it is needed in your business and your business environment.   When a space is needing TLC and maintenance, I liken it to the physical body and the metaphors within the space.

  • Look at all the broken light bulbs you may have and see if that correlates to the Bagua and if you are having problems in that particular area (a Feng Shui Consultant should be able to make that connection for you if you are unsure)
  • If your workspace is cluttered it is more difficult to organise your thoughts so removing clutter within the office is very freeing.
  • It costs a lot of money, time and energy to maintain and store clutter and is so psychologically draining for you and your staff
  • Wipe down the office desks and shelves with lemon water, cleansing old energies
  • As you clean, affirm Intentions of your job
  • Time to address those business decisions that have been put off and deal with all outstanding paperwork that is lowering your energy levels
  • Look at the windows of the office – do they need a clean ? Do you have a clear vision of the world and where your business is going ?

Lastly, when was the last time you looked at your business template ? Have you changed your message in the last year that you would like to convey to the world ?  Get clear about the message and brand you want to project and go for it !

Karen Quant –

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