Bridge the Gap with Your Virtual Team Part 3

I recently read a fantastic article on HubSpot about the 7 Deadly Disadvantages of Working from Home. I was drawn to this article because it so perfectly encapsulated some of the concerns that my clients have when they are considering working with a Filipino Virtual Assistant. So I thought I would create a series of articles that elaborate upon each of the 7 ‘Deadly Disadvantages’ of remote work (and their solutions!) from the perspective of a client engaging with a VA.

The 3rd part of this series covers one of the main concerns business owners face when considering hiring a VA.

Low Reliability & Retention

Many business owners and entrepreneurs won’t hire remote contractors because they believe a lack of face to face leads to poor work culture, a decrease in reliability and low retention rates. They may have already tried working with a VA and found this to be the case! Working remotely does come with it’s own challenges and it is crucial that you can depend on your Virtual Assistant to be online and get the job done. They need to be reliable, consistent and trustworthy, especially if you intend on working with them long term. Here are a few very simple tips to help you tackle the challenges of remote working and find a VA who will be an asset to your business.

Key Tip

Foster a strong working relationship

This means making an effort to ask about your VA’s life outside of work, encouraging them in their efforts and taking the time to support them in their tasks, especially at the outset.[Tweet “Fostering a friendly relationship with your VA will encourage trustworthiness and honesty.”]You’ll also get the added bonus of a VA who loves working with you, who will go that extra mile and stay loyal to your company.

Key Tip

Accountability is key

[Tweet “In order for your Virtual Assistant to be reliable, they have to be kept accountable (and so do you)”]This can be tricky in an online environment. The solution is to create touch-points in your VA’s work week where they are in contact with you, and deadlines for when work is due so you can review their efforts.

  • Have regular skype meetings where you catch up on the past work week, plan the week ahead and share updates on current projects.
  • Have a firm process in place that includes deadlines for when work is due so you have time to review and approve it (the review process will get easier the longer you work with your VA and they understand your business)
  • Be clear and concise in your expectations with your Virtual Assistant and ensure you’re both online and available when you say you will be.

Key Tip

Consider using an Outsourcing Consultant & Recruitment Agency

Going through a 3rd party provider for your virtual manpower can have many benefits, and can drastically reduce the risks associated with working with a VA. A good Outsourcing Consultant can guide you in setting up your operations to support a virtual worker, assist in hiring the right candidate and provide ongoing support and management of your virtual resources. And if issues do crop up with your Virtual Assistant, an Outsourcing Agency is on hand to field your queries and concerns and provide tailored solutions.

Want to take advantage of all the benefits a Virtual Assistant can bring to your business, but are wary of working in a remote environment? Leading outsourcing consultant Kristy Smith is online to answer your concerns. Contact Kristy Now

Next week we tackle the issues with payment and logistics!


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