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Can I hire a VA to do tasks I can’t train them in?

If you’re a fan of the Virtual Elves blog you’ll probably have noticed a running theme through most of our articles, which is: [Tweet “If …

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Should Marketers be Worried about the Growth of Voice Search

Before voice search, Google relied on written keywords to help users find things online. Then, the tech giant moves from keywords to user intent with …

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The Secret to Effective Delegation

If you’re regularly working into the night, missing deadlines and spending valuable time focused on business operations, rather than business strategy, then you’re probably overdue …

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5 Tips towards Building a Great Relationship with your Virtual Assistant

When working with a Virtual Assistant it’s crucial to understand the delicate balance between the technology and the person on the other side of the …

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Lessons from a World Champion

I had the pleasure of listening to Layne Beachley AO at a wonderful event run by The Mother’s Den in Cammeray this week and there …

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Get Inspired! 3 Reasons Why Virtual Outsourcing is Good for Business

With the way we do business evolving at a rapid rate the pressure to ‘keep up’ with modern business practices is enormous, especially online. Business …

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