Beat Dreaded Jetlag on Your Next Business Trip!

travel_smallThere is nothing worse than heading on a big business trip only to be struck by jetlag when you’re needed at important meetings to promote your brand. However there are tips you can take to lessen the chance of letting jetlag affect your trip.

Next time you have a major business trip on the cards make sure you use the following tips to ensure you can put your best foot forward when you reach your destination rather than wanting to hibernate in your hotel room.

Before your travels ensure that you prepare your body for the long haul you are about to embark on. You can do this by making sure that your eating and sleeping patterns aren’t on a rigid schedule, this will make the adjustment a lot easier. Also stay well rested before your flight and try to plan your trip so that you arrive in daylight, as this will make it easier to stay awake at your new destination and force your body to adapt.

When you are on the plane it is crucial that you move around regularly and try to avoid the alcohol trolley, as tempting as it may be to become an indulgent sloth on the plane you are significantly better off to remain hydrated and active to avoid jetlag.

Often we will want to get some rest when we first arrive at our destination (especially on really long flights!) but try to get as much daylight as you can, your body is sensitive and will try to adapt quicker if it realises its daytime where you are now!

Changing your routine to your new time zone including your eating and sleeping patterns is the quickest way to get you on your feet for your business trip. This can take quite a lot of discipline, especially if you are tired and exhausted, but will give you the quickest adjustment time.

Don’t forget this applies when you are due to come home too!

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