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Kristy Smith is the energetic Founder, Director & Driver of Virtual Elves, a business that helps you feel in control, well educated and understanding of how to work with a Virtual Assistant, among other things! She loves the water, is a mean cook and loves being social! Connect with Kristy on Facebook

How to Optimise Your E-Commerce Site for Both Customers and Google

If you are selling products online, it’s very important that your e-commerce site is optimised for both Google and your customers. Otherwise, you are wasting the opportunity to attract more traffic and generate more sales. Stoney deGey...

Would you like to be more proactive in your business? Here’s How:

Do you often fall victim to those days where you’re scrambling around jumping from one task to the next without finishing any of them? Do you lose sleep over deadlines that have arrived ‘all of a sudden’? Do you waste time cruising thr...

Google Rolls Out 3 New AdWords Updates, Retires Converted Clicks

For those who are using Google AdWords to generate traffic for their site, the tech giant has recently made two important announcements. First, it is retiring an AdWords metric that has been around for the last 15 years. Second, Google has m...

A Small Business’s Guide to Choosing the Best Domain Name

If you’re a small business trying to make your mark on the Internet, it’s important that you choose your domain name well. Click To Tweet After all, it is one of the factors that Google considers to determine if your site is rele...


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