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Kristy Smith is the energetic Founder, Director & Driver of Virtual Elves, a business that helps you feel in control, well educated and understanding of how to work with a Virtual Assistant, among other things! She loves the water, is a mean cook and loves being social! Connect with Kristy on Facebook

How to Prepare your Business for the Holiday Season Shut Down

We’ve been reflecting on the past year at Virtual Elves and part of that was looking back on our most popular and ‘clicked through’ articles for 2016. We were not so surprised to find that you all found our articles on productivity to ...

The Risks of Using Copyright Protected Images for your Business & How to Avoid Them

Understand the Risks of using Copyrighted Images in your Business Visual media is a useful way to quickly grab your audience’s attention. A recent study has illustrated that image posts receive 120-180% more engagement than text based post...

5 Ways a Virtual Assistant can Help You your Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a term that covers a variety of marketing techniques involved in the creation and sharing of content that gives value to your audience, and in turn helps win over prospects and new clients. It’s a great way to build re...

3 Crucial Business Tasks that can be Outsourced to a Virtual Assistant

Many business owners can be confused about the kinds of tasks they can hand over to a Virtual Assistant. There are many and more things that a talented VA can do within your business, but there are a few essential tasks, that when outsourced...

4 Link Building Myths Small Business and SEOs Should Forget About

Throughout the years, big and small businesses have used link building to rank on Google and other search engines. Although some believe that it is no longer effective, many experts believe that this SEO strategy should still be an integral ...


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