Align Yourself, your Environment & your Business Goals

feng-home-office-shuiWhat a lot of people don’t realise is that Feng Shui Consultants deal with a lot of factors,  like a mix of geography, architecture, ecology, spirituality, psychology and physiology – all when they do a consultation.  Whilst this ancient science was documented over 4000 years ago, the art of placing buildings and objects to achieve balance and harmony in our home and business environments is still very relevant today.  In fact even more so as we bring our businesses into our homes. The ancient masters knew how important a person’s personal environment was and we need to bring this into our working environments today.  They also knew how energy and the rhythms of nature affected us.  They knew how to position themselves to create that sense of balance and harmony. Each month I look forward to offering Feng Shui tips that help your understanding of how chi works within your business environment and how to align  yourself, your environment and your business goals to enrich your life.

Next month:   Your business has Consciousness Karen Quant

Karen has been using her intuitive gifts since childhood and is now a respected, experienced feng shui consultant and space clearer offering Feng Shui and Space Clearing Certification Courses and retreats.  She also combines her knowledge of vibrational flower essences, geomancy and other modalities to create inspirational change.

Click here to discover more about Karen and her business Sacred Clearings

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