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Man using his tablet computer outdoor at countryside. Mobile tecIf you’re a frequent Google user, here’s another small yet important update that you should take notice of. It seems that the search engine giant is now adjusting search filters based on what people are looking for, thus, reducing the amount of time users have to spend on searching for a particular blog, item, or application online.

According to Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal, there are now fewer search filtering options under Google’s “More” drop down menu, as well as on the top menu bar. That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. When you use Google to obtain info about something, these search filtering options now automatically adjust themselves according to what you’re looking for. Google is actually providing you with search filters it thinks are the best for your specific query.

And what happened to the previously available search filtering options? Matt said all of them are not really gone. It’s just that Google is giving priority to and showing the search filters that are more appropriate and suitable for your query. And if you can’t find a search filter that you have used before, like ‘Patents’ for instance, Matt explained that the content that you’d normally see under that filter will now appear in the main search result page.

Google also has something similar to Pinterest’s recipe search engine. When you search for a particular dish on Google, you can filter results according to ingredients, cooking time, calories, and more by clicking on the ‘Search Tools’ button.

A spokesperson from Google confirmed the recent change. “We’re always making changes to Search to help you find the most useful things more easily. For example, if you search for ‘English to Tagalog,’ you’ll see ‘Apps’ that will help you with translation as well as ‘Books’ and ‘Shopping’ in case you’re looking to buy a printed electronic dictionary,” the spokesperson said.

Matt stressed that while this change may not be that important or noticeable as compared to Google’s previous updates, it is still worth “pointing out.” After all, it can be quite handy for those who frequently use Google’s extensive list of filtering options.

However, while it is true that the recent changes are indeed useful, some observers have reservations regarding Google’s new search filtering options. Some said that the thought of the search giant doing the thinking for them doesn’t really sound that good.  But regardless of such fears and misgivings, Google is indeed staying true to its word that it is making the process of searching things online much easier and more convenient for users with this mini-update.

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