A Holistic Approach to Business Success and Happiness

In the relentless pursuit of business success, we, as small business owners, often find ourselves standing at the crossroads of ambition and inner peace. While the world sees us as formidable leaders, we silently grapple with the weight of expectations:

• The constant pursuit of increased revenue and profits.
• The desire to make a positive impact on the world.
• Balancing work with personal health and wellbeing.
• Striving for kindness and generosity without self-sacrifice.
• Seeking intellectual challenges and personal growth.

• The quest for better time management and a good night’s sleep.

The list goes on and on.

As ambitious business owners, though hesitant to label ourselves as Type A personalities, we often impose sky-high self expectations, leading to the formidable and relentless existential crisis. So how do we combat this?

The Pursuit of Clarity
In those moments of burnout and deep introspection, we might believe that finding absolute clarity in our goals is the elusive key to unlocking everything. But let’s be honest, this relentless pursuit of clarity often becomes yet another weight on our shoulders, leaving us more overwhelmed than before. So what can we do if the price for clarity is to feel constantly overwhelmed?

The Reimagining of  Business Plans
What you and I truly need is a plan that grows, adapts, and pivots to match the ever-evolving needs of our businesses. This plan is not rigid, it bends, and it’s centred around a holistic approach to our business success and ultimately our happiness.
The Habits, Rituals, and Routines
Now, let’s delve into something personal – your realm of control. It’s all about you, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, habits, and routines. Take a moment to recognise that feelings of overwhelm, confusion, and anxiety are no different from your morning coffee ritual or your nightly Netflix indulgence. In fact, recent revelations from neuroscience reveal that our brains are incredibly adaptable, you can actually reshape and fortify your thinking patterns as if they were habits. Your mind is more powerful than you might think.

The Management of Expectations

Escaping to the tranquil embrace of nature till the ends of our days might be a tempting thought, but we both know it’s not always practical as business owners. Instead, for a more holistic approach, try these practical tips:

• Embrace the liberating magic of saying ‘no’ when it comes to unnecessary commitments.
• Embrace ‘selfishness’ as a positive trait – especially when it means self-care.
• Prioritise dedicated thinking time as a must.
• Get creative with ways to create value from your efforts.
• Set goals that resonate with the very essence of your business.
• Shift your focus towards action plans, not rigid strategies.
• Set aside time for activities that calm the storm within.
• Elevate joy to a central pillar of your success.
Success and Happiness
Now, let’s talk about the real deal – success. It’s not just about financial accomplishments; it’s about being content and fulfilled while achieving your goals. Finding happiness within your success journey means conquering the restless mind, nurturing rituals and habits that empower you, and nourishing your self-satisfaction.
It’s about detangling work from suffering, obligation, and self-worth, and letting joy lead the way in every moment. It’s about building a harmonious partnership between success and happiness, where one doesn’t overpower the other.
Ultimately, it’s about crafting a life that dances to your rhythm, where success and genuine happiness flow together, and where you hold the reins of your life, regardless of external outcomes.

‘In your quest for business triumph, always remember that happiness isn’t a far-off destination; it’s your companion on this incredible journey.’ – Unknown.

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