7 x Tips for Profitable & Successful Marketing Automation

When it comes to running a successful business and growing beyond a given point; you will hear that “Automation” is critical.

As a Marketing Mentor, I have been very lucky to work with thousands of Business Owners over the years and have seen many businesses stagnate, grow and also re-emerge after being dormant. When it comes to business growth, I had a very good conversation on this topic with the brilliant entrepreneur Kristy Smith (of Virtual Elves).

She is one of the best Business Automation experts I have ever met and as a Marketer we both totally agreed on the viewpoint that:

  • “You can work till the age of 200 and if you don’t have automation working for you while you sleep, you shall never break a given point”

I couldn’t agree with Kristy more and she inspired me to write up these tips to help with Profitable & Successful Marketing Automation:

  1. Get Your Business Right: Before you automate you want to ensure your business is working correctly. You want the right product, deliver and pricing – otherwise you can replicate errors or bad service which doesn’t help anyone.
  2. Setup Your Own Marketing Plan: Get your Marketing Plan and logic right. You may have a bunch of different strategies you are executing. Some of these may be quite manual in nature (e.g. business networking) with some of them being the automated type of strategies. It’s great to select what you are going to use.
  3. Business Networking & Referral Networks: This is one of the newest “Old School” strategies that is often free and easy to setup. This involves getting great partners that are happy to refer you work and vice-versa. Without your direct intervention you can have people as your personal “Sales Force”. Very powerful!
  4. Outsource your Marketing: Such as the impressive Virtual Assistants Kristy from Virtual Elves have for hire – you can outsource much of your Marketing so it puts less stress on you. If you are a larger business, you could justify hiring staff. Hiring is a powerful form of automation!
  5. Website & Blog: This is critical to get right as it can be your own personal “Sales Representative” that works 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. People can experience your brand and read your ideas without any additional work from yourself!
  6. Facebook, LinkedIn, & Social Media Use: These platforms can be great for sharing your content and if you really don’t want to get your hands dirty – you can automate this by outsourcing. I personally get seen online at least 1,000 times per day which is outstanding due to my strategies coming together.
  7. Email Marketing with Full Auto-Responders: People can simply sign up to your email form on your website, get free content sent to them and even better – get automatically placed into your database.

There are many more great strategies & ideas covering Live Webinars, Free Events, Online Products with Residual Income etc. The key thinking is to work on your business and obviously do your work that earns income and think about developing Processes, Automation, Hiring Staff (including say Kristy & her Virtual Assistants) and the like to help you grow beyond your own hard work.

Thank you for the read, keep up the fine work and Stay Awesome!

Edward Zia

Marketing Mentor, Blogger & Commentator, aka “The Crazy Persian”, AFAMI CPM

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