5 Ways a Virtual Assistant can Help You your Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a term that covers a variety of marketing techniques involved in the creation and sharing of content that gives value to your audience, and in turn helps win over prospects and new clients. It’s a great way to build relationships online, showcase your brand and set you up as a thought leader in your chosen field.

Many business owners are aware of the power of content marketing, but most are not taking full advantage of its benefits. Why? Because they either lack the knowledge or the time to implement a properly thought out content marketing strategy .

It takes time to research, organise and create optimised content that is in line with your brand. There needs to be systems in place to facilitate all of the admin that goes into coordinating and promoting all this great content and most business owners simply don’t have the headspace to manage it all.

But there are affordable and practical ways to boost your content marketing efforts and build a more visible brand – by enlisting the help of specialised Virtual Assistant. A VA can assist you in realising the full potential of a variety of content marketing practices. Here are 5 Ways a VA can do this:

Content Curation

Content curation is a fancy term for the collation and promotion of 3rd party articles that are relevant to your industry.

Some of the benefits of sharing content by other publications include:

  •         Sharing valuable information with your audience
  •         Connecting with like-minded businesses
  •         Starting conversations online
  •         Boosting social content schedules
  •        Building credit as a thought leader in your field

A good VA can assist you with your content curation by:

  •         Keeping abreast of trending topics
  •         Reading & choosing articles for promotion (collation)
  •         Managing and building lists of preferred sources, topics & relevant quotes

Content Creation

Content creation covers the concept and design of content specifically created for your business. It doesn’t just have to be articles either. It could be the design of an infographic, an e-book, social posts, quotes and tips, listicles, white papers, web copy, email marketing and presentations.

Some of the benefits of content creation for your business include:

  •         Boosting SEO by keeping website content updated and fresh
  •         Showcasing products and services, creating brand awareness
  •         Client engagement and retention
  •         Lead nurturing
  •         Thought leadership

A good VA can assist you with your content creation by:

  •         Researching and conceptualising ideas for new content
  •         Creating keyword rich articles and content relevant to your industry
  •         Designing attention grabbing graphics for greater online engagement
  •         Crafting great CTA posts for your social media

Social Media Management

Once you have great content curation and creation strategies in place, it’s time to promote them. To do this you need to leverage a variety of online marketing channels. One of the most popular are some of the major social media platforms like Facebook for Business, Twitter, Linkedin and Instragram.  All of these require a mix of content such as articles, 3rd party content, graphics and pictures.

Some of the benefits of social marketing done right include:

  •         Funnelling traffic back to your website
  •         Boosting SEO rankings
  •         Greater client satisfaction
  •         Increasing online presence

A good VA can assist you with your social media management by:

  •         Crafting emotive CTA posts
  •         Scheduling content across social platforms at optimal times
  •         Engaging with your audience online
  •         Monitoring social media platforms
  •         Tracking engagement statistics

Blog Management

Blogging is more than just writing. You need to make sure that you’re regularly uploading and opmitising articles on your site. It’s a time consuming and onerous administrative task, but one that can provide great returns for your business.

Some of the benefits of blogging done right include:

  •         Driving traffic to your website
  •         Setting you up as a thought leader in your field
  •         Boosting SEO by keeping website content fresh
  •         Showcasing your products and services to build brand awareness
  •         Lead generation
  •         Improving lead conversion   

A good VA can assist you with your blog management by:

  •         Uploading blogs to your website
  •         Setting up metadata for your blog posts to improve SEO
  •         Assigning tags and categories to your blog posts for better site UX
  •         Linking to other content within blogs for better UX
  •         Organising the promotion of your articles via social and email marketing
  •         Analysing site statistics

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your content seen by your audience. Email marketing sends your message directly to your client or potential clients’ inbox, which increases the chance that your content will be read and acted upon.

Some of the benefits of email marketing include:

  •         Directly reaching your target audience
  •         Leading traffic back to your site
  •         Driving conversions
  •         Higher ROI than other marketing platforms

A good VA can assist you with your email marketing by:

  •         Designing newsletters and sales emails
  •         Scheduling newsletter and sales emails
  •         Segmenting and targeting your contact lists
  •         A/B split testing
  •         Analysing email campaign statistics

If you’re ready to reap the rewards that great content marketing can bring to your business, schedule a discovery call with Kristy today to discuss how the right Virtual Assistant can help you. 


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