5 Simple Ways to Optimise Your Google+ Page for Local Listings

Over the last few years, Google has made significant changes to its Google+ platform. While these changes significantly improve the tech giant’s social media platform, some of these changes left businesses and brands confused, especially when it came to optimising their local presence. But regardless of whether businesses are using old Google+ Places Page or they have switched to the updated Google+ Business Page, their Google+ pages should possess certain key elements to ensure better online visibility and brand awareness among their prospects.

In an article on Search Engine Watch, Adam Dorfman, senior vice president at SIM Partners, shared some “elite” tips on optimising your Google+ page for local listings. Read on and find out what these pointers are.

While the social aspects of Google+ are indeed powerful, you shouldn’t build an expansive social profile unless you have a substantial number of followers or audience on Google’s social media platform. According to Dorfman, this is a huge waste of time and you’d rather focus your time and energy on other aspects of your online marketing strategy. If a huge majority of your customers and prospects are not active on Google+, having a basic presence that includes an accurate address, phone number, and website would be enough.

In case your business does have a huge following on Google+, you should make your local page more personal. Dorman said “more personalisation ensures a better experience” as it allows you to stand out and separate yourself from your primary competitors. To personalise your Google+ page and improve click-through rates, you should use a banner, pictures, and videos. You should also create content that would interest your local community.

Creating custom business descriptions on Google+ is something you should do, too. According to Dorfman, it can help improve your search rankings. You should also use relevant keywords in your descriptions to help your audience better understand the nature of your business, which helps increase the likelihood of conversions.

While you may be tempted to use many keywords on your Google+ page, Dorfman said you shouldn’t overdo it. Most consumers don’t want to read descriptions that are crammed with keywords and don’t make sense. As such, you should optimise your Google+ page for your customers, not for Google. You should provide clear and concise copy and use natural language to avoid ticking potential customers off.

Customer reviews are very powerful, especially on the local level, Dorfman said. Aside from the fact that it gives your business more credibility, it is also important for Google because the tech giant uses review frequency as an indicator of relevance. As such, you should encourage your customers to leave reviews on your Google+ page. Because effective communication is a two-way street, make sure you properly respond to the reviews, whether they are positive or not.

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