4 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business Effectively

linkedin businessLinkedIn is the most powerful social media network designed specifically for business men and women. Many of LinkedIn’s members use the site for finding leads, connecting their business to a global audience, finding vendors, and a number of other ways.

Apart from the methods above, here are 4 additional ways to use LinkedIn for business.

1. Acquiring New Customers With Recommendations and Word of Mouth

One of the single best sources for acquiring new customers through LinkedIn for business lies in satisfied and existing customers. An excellent way to increase your brand’s word of mouth referral is to simply ask your satisfied clients to write a recommendation, where you can then publish it on your LinkedIn profile for your entire network to see.

2. Build Your Network in Multiple Ways

If you want to make LinkedIn a significant part of your marketing strategy then you must take part in industry associations and networks. Odd’s are there are literally hundreds of groups suitable for your industry. Get involved, start a discussion and connect with other like-minded people. In addition to groups, using LinkedIn for business also let’s you know of any events taking place within your industry, locally and internationally.

3. Get Answers to Tough Business Questions

Small business owners are pressed with troubling topics and hard to answer questions every day. With LinkedIn’s Answers and Groups section you can get vexing questions answered by tapping into a network of people sharing their wisdom and experience. In fact there are well over 200 different categories on Answers and over 2000 groups dedicated to small business related topics alone.

4. Win Business by Answering Questions

Through LinkedIn’s various forums you have a chance to share your own wisdom and knowledge learnt through years of experience in your industry. By contributing to the forums and answering questions you have an opportunity to win new business, find leads and be seen as an authority figure within your specific industry. It’s also a good way to soft pitch your skills, expertise and brand.

Looking for new ways to propel your brand forward using LinkedIn for business? Are you in need of social media marketing manager capable of taking your brand to the next level? Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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