4 Tips for Getting Past Your Fear of Outsourcing

Outsourcing popped in the early 2000’s and was quickly hailed as the ultimate way to do business. But even though it’s popular, having a fear of outsourcing is completely understandable, and there are ways to get past that fear. You should also realise that a vast majority of successful people, both online and off, use outsourcing as a fundamental part of their business strategy. The other guys hire in-house staff because it’s safe.

As a business manager if you haven’t dived into outsourcing yet, you should know you can outsource virtually any task that can better your business. Outsourcing can be accomplished without fear and effectively if you find the right people for the job. In order to get past your fear of outsourcing, you have to understand it is far more about the quality of work than it is about their location or how their name appears on a paycheck.

Here are four tips to help you get past your fear of outsourcing. 

1. Remember that the sole goal of outsourcing is to help your company. It is to make you and your team more efficient, help you save time on a daily basis, and lower your costs. Jot down every single task that you do yourself, or that you have an in-house employee do. How much time does it take to perform these tasks? How much would it cost to outsource? When weighing the time it would take to the amount it would cost, remember that your time is far more valuable than money.

2. The best thing about outsourcing is that nearly anything can be outsourced to trusted companies and individuals. Look over your business and discover which tasks would be better performed by someone else. Product or service development, sales, lead generation, business consultancy, legal advice, IT support, HR management, scheduling meetings, graphic and web design, managing social media accounts, and much more can be done by someone else with a particular set of skills.

3. Be prepared. Give an ideal profile of the person you plan to outsource the task to. Getting specific makes it easier to find qualified candidates and will allow you to know exactly the type of skills, background, and education you would like the outsourced individual to possess.

4.The importance of the interviewing process cannot be stressed enough. Create a list of questions in advance to the interview. Ask about previous work experience, their strengths and weaknesses, and if you feel it to be necessary, test their knowledge on the spot.

Getting past the fear of outsourcing is the first step towards making your business as efficient and cost effective as it can be. Remember, it’s all outsourcing unless you do it yourself, and doing it ALL yourself isn’t an option in this fast moving business world.


Understand the benefits of outsourcing for YOUR business, identify what tasks could be outsourced, create action plans around these tasks, then systemise and find and engage the right resources to fulfill those tasks! Get our EASY Package  now.

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