4 Quick Ways to Get Better SEO and Google Rankings

Have you tried every SEO and keyword strategy you know, but you’re still not hitting your target? Tom Smith, search and data consultant at Zazzle Media, a digital marketing company based in the UK, offers a number of quick fixes to help ensure that your site is being properly crawled by Google and getting good search rankings.

Here are 4 quick ways to get better SEO and Google rankings:

  1. Build internal links

According to Tom, [Tweet “Building internal links is the easiest way to improve a web page’s ranking.”] However, this strategy is also the most overlooked. Internal links offer a great way to demonstrate your pages’ authority through their prominence within your internal linking structure. If Google sees that you’re confident enough to link to your own content, then it’s very likely that the search giant will trust your site more.

To build internal links, what you can do is to do identify pages with the most number of external links. Then, link them strategically to underperforming pages. A good example of web pages with the most external links is your home page. Tom said your home page is your strongest page so linking to it will give you the biggest rewards.

  1. Improve your on-page content

If your web pages are lacking in content, then this is the best time to improve them. According to Tom, having more content provides opportunities to target long-tail keywords. What’s more, it allows you to show Google that you have relevant information that can help your visitors. To improve your on-page content, ensure that every page on your site has about 300 words of unique content. Also, you can check what your competitors are doing and try to build on that so Google can give you a better ranking.

  1. Optimise your meta tags

Optimising meta titles and descriptions can go a long way towards improving your click-through rates. In fact, when done correctly, it can boost your CTR by 20% within minutes. With Google’s Hummingbird update, it is no longer necessary to include keyword variations in your meta descriptions. Instead, what you should do is to use the space for a call to action or to set yourself apart from the competition.

  1. Use Brand mentions

[Tweet “Another way to ensure that your site will get traction is to convert brand mentions to links.”] You can do this by setting up a Google Alert for your brand terms. Then, contact the webmaster and ask them for a link for every brand mention you get.

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